Novosco 10K Grand Prix 2019

4th Year of Northern Ireland's multi-race running competition


2019 Novosco 10K Grand Prix coming soon!

Now entering our fourth year, the Novosco 10K Grand Prix will return bigger and better than ever before. Carrying on from the participation growth achieved in 2018, there will be more races, more runners, and more prize money. The race schedule will be confirmed soon, so watch this space.


** If you were registered for the 2016, 2017, or 2018 Novosco 10K Grand Prix you can re-use your N10KGP code when registering for any of the events. No need to re-register **


The Novosco 10K Grand Prix is a not-for-profit competition of races of 10 kilometres (10K), from March to November.

In association with our partners


"The 2016 and 2017 series were huge successes, so we are back and remain proud to be the sponsor of Northern Ireland's biggest and best multi-race 10K Grand Prix.  We wish all the participants the very best in 2018."

Patrick McAliskey, CEO, Novosco

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2019 Race schedule will be released soon.

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