The Competition


The Novosco 10K Grand Prix is a not-for-profit 10km running race competition starting in March until November '17. All 15 races will be accurately measured and certified as 10km before race day, have permits from AthleticsNI, agree to use chip timing services as provided by ChampionChip Ireland and displayed on the AthleticsNI fixture list.


How to Enter


Runners will submit their entry to each individual race in the normal fashion and the race organiser will provide the relevant entry data to the Novosco 10K Grand Prix organisers.

Grand Prix Registration


Age Graded Performances


The runners performances at each race will be compared to the Age Graded Tables. Age grading is a way to adjust the runners performance according to age and gender. The age-grading tables were developed by the World Association of Veteran Athletes, the world governing body for track and field, long distance running and race walking for veteran athletes. The tables were first published in 1989.

For example a 35 year old male running 31 minutes gets a score of 87.0% whilst a 25 year old female recording 33 minutes gets a percentage score of 91.9%.


Ranking the Runners


A ranking list of the participants will be generated after each race showing the runners times and their relevant age graded score as a percentage. The rank will be ordered with the runner with the best score at the top and so on in descending order like a football league table. The average percentage score of each runner across the best 6 races they complete will be used. Chip times will be used primarily where available on the race results. Runners will have to complete at least 6 of the 15 races in the Novosco 10K Grand Prix.


Individual and Team Prizes


Prizes of the Novosco 10K Grand Prix will be awarded to the top runners in the table overall regardless of age and gender. A team prize will be provided with a team score being calculated on placings for the club members in the overall ranking table in accordance with the usual method at a road race with the best 6 club members to count. There may be more than one prize awarded per club.  All prize winners, except in the corporate teams section, must be registered with Athletics NI by the date of the Seeley 10k in November. Prize winners who have not obtained such an affiliation with Athletics NI will only be entitled to 70% of their prize value.


Where two or more runners are tied on the same percentage score then the best percentage score in any one race will be used as a tie breaker. Where this fails to break the stalemate the next best score will be used from another race and so on.


Corporate Entrants


To be eligible to compete as a corporate entrant the runner should have a payroll number for the company and work at least 16 hours per week. The steering group will consider any exceptional circumstances pertaining to individual runners and their decision is binding. A runner may compete for both a corporate team and a club team. There are 3 runners on a corporate team.


How Do I Join the Novosco 10k Grand Prix


Runners will required to register for free using this Novosco 10K Grand Prix web site and will be allocated a code number they must pass to each race organiser when they enter a race so that their times can be converted to the Age Graded Performance for them and thus have them appear on the ranking table where the prize winners will be decided.

Grand Prix Registration